Many killed, critically wounded in regime warplanes’ bombing of Yadoudeh, 12 named so far

May 05, 2015

Yadoudeh, Daraa province, 05-05-2015: A large number of civilians, including women and children, have been killed in regime warplanes’ latest bombing of homes in the town of Yadoudeh in Daraa province with TNT-filled barrel bombs earlier today, with dozens more injured, many critically.

A number of the dead have not yet been positively identified due to being dismembered in the blasts. Twelve of those killed, including eight members of one family, have been named as:
1 - Mohammed Yousef al-Khatib
2 - Ahmed Yousef al-Khatib
3 - Amiya Yousef al-Khatib
4 - Ahmed Abdullah al-Khatib
5 - Yasin al-Khatib
6 - Khalid Imad al-Khatib (child - boy)
7 - Hani Imad al-Khatib (child - boy
8 - Mohammed Imad al-Khatib (child - boy)
9 - Fouad Hashim Tallawi
10 - Daoud Mahmoud Zoubi
11 – Mouahab Faisal Allouh
12 - Hiba Abu Nabot

From: Syrian Network