First Among Satans: Why is America hated more than Russia and China in the Middle East?

By Kareem Shaheen, Newlines

One of the most enduring images of my teenage years is that of Mohammad al-Durrah.

Assad’s Atrocities, Not Sanctions, Have Destroyed Syria

By James F. Jeffrey, Special Representative for Syria Engagement and Special Envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS

Rifaat al-Assad, Butcher of Hama, sentenced to four years imprisonment in France

Jun 17, 2020

French judges have sentenced Bashar al-Assad’s uncle, Rifaat al-Assad, the ‘Butcher of Hama’, to four years in prison after convicting him of money laundering and misappropriating Syrian public funds to build up a €90m property empire in France.
The court also ordered the confiscation of Rifaat al-Assad’s assets in France as well as property worth €29m in London.

Assad, 82, a former military commander, was tried in December but was not present in court because of health reasons, his lawyers said. He denied the charges.

German politician urges Syrian refugees to report 'war criminals' to hold them accountable

Jun 16, 2020

A member of the German Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state parliament and Commissioner for Immigration and Integration Affairs, has called on Syrian refugees to report and expose the regime’s war criminals who found their way into Germany among the ranks of refugees.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Najjar urges anyone who possesses any information, photographs, videos or evidence that confirm their involvement in militias, torture, killings, or enforced disappearances, to inform the German authorities.

HNC Member: Russians and Iranians are Occupiers

Commander Abu Bakr, a member of the High Negotiations committee, has described the Russian and Iranian forces in Syria as occupiers since they are the guarantors of the Syrian regime in the Eastern Ghouta area.

Abu Bakr tweeted “Russians and Iranians are guarantors and in besieging Ghouta are continuing, and as half a million starve and the children die of starvation. What guarantee do you speak [of]?"

UN again refuses food, aid to Moadamiyeh as residents protest crippling regime siege

Jun 02, 2015

By Dani al-Qappani in Moadamiyeh

02-06-2015: A senior UN representative visiting Moadamiyeh today as part of a delegation in the company of regime officials, told residents of the town that the UN “can’t in any way bring any food or medicine” to the besieged civilians, despite rising illness, endemic malnutrition and increasing numbers of deaths from starvation due to the continuing regime siege.

Damascus attack targets high-ranking Assad regime General

May 04, 2015

04-05-2015: 'A high-ranking Assad regime general was reportedly injured in a brazen suicide attack Monday morning in the center of the Syrian capital.

“A major-general in charge of the regime force’s Logistics and Supplies Administration was injured... by a blast that targeted him and his colleagues in the Rokken Eddine area of central Damascus,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported Monday.

The monitoring group added that one of the general’s colleagues was killed in attack, while two others were injured.

Regime gasses civilians, including children, with chlorine bombs again

May 02, 2015

#‎Neirab‬, ‪#‎Aleppo‬ province, 02-05-2015: Regime warplanes again dropped barrel bombs containing chlorine gas overnight in the village of Neirab in Aleppo province, with more than ten residents, including children, rushed to the local hospital after suffering asphyxiation as a result.

Report and photo from: Syrian Network

Another infant victim of Assad's Nakba

May 01, 2015

Deir el Zour, 01-05-2015: Ali Abdullah was barely old enough to walk. He was killed today in regime warplanes' bombardment of homes in the Hamidiya neighbourhood of Deir el Zour city.

Report and photograph from: Syrian Revolution 2011 Facebook page (Arabic):

Endgame or new phase in Syria’s 4-year-old conflict?

May 01, 2015

Syrian state TV Thursday abruptly suspended its non-news and political programming in a telling sign of how sharply the tide has turned against President Bashar Assad’s regime in recent weeks.