Assad regime TV host stops translation of Western propagandist’s comments after he unintentionally exposes Assad during interview

Sep 11, 2022

A Western propagandist for Assad’s regime, hosted on a regime TV talk show in a bid to boost the regime's image, instead unintentionally exposed Assad's media, putting the host in an embarrassing situation, and showing up the program, which is based on using foreign guests to polish Bashar al-Assad's image and put a positive spin on the real situation in the areas controlled by his militias.

War criminal, senior thug in Assad’s ‘National Defense’ militia set to receive Belgian citizenship: report

Jun 25, 2020

The continuing investigative and monitoring operations to track war criminals carried out by Zaman al-Wasl have revealed that one of the most prominent and corrupt regime operatives in Salmiya in Hama governorate, identified as Hussein Abu Habla, who was involved in numerous crimes against humanity is now a resident in the Belgian capital, Brussels, and seems set to receive Belgian citizenship.