Coronavirus kills Iranian militia members, east of Aleppo, militia hospital overwhelmed, refusing to receive more cases: report

Apr 15, 2021

Dozens of Iranian regime militia members have reportedly died in the past few days in rural Aleppo from the COVID-19 coronavirus, amid accusations of negligence by the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) regarding high levels of infections among its members and affiliated militias.

A private military source told the Ein Al-Furat network that at least 28 Iranian militia members have died whilst receiving treatment in the private hospital established for militia corona victims, south of the Aleppo fuel station on the western flank of the Kuweires military airbase.

The hospital administration is reportedly refusing to receive new cases after being overwhelmed by the numbers of those infected, with at least 312 militia members currently receiving treatment there

As a result, the IRGC has begun transferring the injured from the countryside of Aleppo towards the Al-Jamil Plaza Hotel in the Sayeda Zeinab area, south of the capital, Damascus, which the Iranian forces and affiliated militias have turned into a hospital for COVID-19 cases among their members.

The Iranian militias face a state of panic among their ranks resulting from the high rates of infection in their ranks, at a time when civilians in militia-controlled areas are enduring increasingly difficult conditions as a result of the lack of medical treatment or hospitals.

From: Ain al Furat
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Photo: Funeral in Najaf for Iraqi Asaib Ahl al Haq militiamen, backed by Iran’s regime, killed fighting in Aleppo, 2020