Elderly Syrian man dies of heart attack while searching for a picture of his only son among the ‘Caesar’ photos

Jun 22, 2020

An elderly Syrian man, named as Nader Aboud Abu Yousef, died on Sunday after suffering a heart attack while searching for a picture of his only son, who was detained by the Syrian regime, among the leaked ‘Caesar’ photographs.

Syrian activists in the north of the country reported that Abu Yousef, aged 70, died whilst he was searching through some of the leaked photographs which show 50,000 of those killed under torture in Assad’s prisons. The photos, which have been published by human rights websites, were originally smuggled out of the country by the former regime photographer subsequently codenamed ‘Caeasar’.

Regime forces reportedly arrested Abu Yousef’s only child, Yousef, around seven years ago. Despite the heartbroken father’s desperate attempts to find information on his son’s whereabouts, he was unable to find any evidence or indication of what had happened to his child.

After the release of a new batch of the photos of those killed under torture which ‘Caesar’ managed to smuggle out of the country, Abu Yousef again begun searching for a photograph showing his son, to finally end his tragic quest and bring some closure.

It seems, however, that the years of constant heartache and stress of worry about his son and the trauma of viewing thousands of deeply distressing pictures showing the tortured, emaciated bodies of Assad’s victims, many with eyes or other organs removed, were too great for Abu Yousef’s exhausted heart to bear, leading him to suffer a massive fatal heart attack.

According to a reporter with the Step News Agency, Omar Al-Muhammad, Abu Yousef’s relatives transferred his body to his final resting place on Monday, refusing to comment on his tragic death at a time when their psychological condition was described as fragile.

- Step News Agency