Protests Over Deteriorating Living Conditions in Damascus Region

Jun 20, 2020

"A number of young men have protested in Eastern Ghouta in the past two days over the deteriorating living conditions, especially with the collapse of the Syrian pound and the failure of the Assad regime to take any action," according to local sources in Damascus countryside.

Citing the ‘Voice of the Capital’ news website, which specializes in reporting news from Damascus and the surrounding area, Call Syria reported thata group of youths had cut off the road between the towns of "Saqba" and "Hamouriyah" in Ghouta during the past two days to protest at the deteriorating living conditions facing residents in the region.

During the protests, the demonstrators delivered leaflets in the streets of Saqba and Hamouriyah, inviting the residents to take action and demanding improvements in the living conditions there.

Voice of the Capital stated that the protests mostly took place earlier this week on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the protesters spreading broken glass on the road and setting tyres alight to impede the Assad regime’s military security forces who travelled to the area in the early hours of the morning to quell the demonstrations, prompting the protesters to flee.

The site also revealed that the area has witnessed a tightening of the already strict security by the Military Security Branch following the latest protests, with many in the area fearing that the regime will retaliate by launching further arrest campaigns against the residents to silence expressions of dissent.

The past two weeks have witnessed popular demonstrations in several governorates in Syria, including Daraa, Suwayda and Raqqa, with protesters calling for the toppling of the Assad regime and the departure of Bashar al-Assad from power, coinciding with Syria's economic collapse.

Report and photo from: Call Syria