Revolutionary Forces of Syria Daily Military and Field Report, 05-01-2016

Jan 05, 2016

The Southern Region

Damascus and its countryside

Violent battles went on between FSA forces on the one hand and Assad Forces and supporting militias on the other hand on Rahbat Al Dababat axis in Jobar neighborhood front in Damascus; where FSA targeted with heavy weapons regime forces fortifications achieving direct hits.

Meanwhile, in Damascus countryside – Eastern Ghouta, Islam Army targeted with artillery missiles Assad Forces Barracks and caused them losses on the Ain Tarma front. Clashes renewed in Al Marj area and on many Fronts, especially Al Nashabiya Front.


Violent clashes broke out in Sheikh Meskin City between FSA and regime forces who are backed by local and foreign militias and aerial cover by Russian aircraft; several of the regime's troops and militia fighters were killed after the FSA reigned control over the eastern neighborhood of the city, with the FSA destroying 3 regime tanks and seizing weapons and ammunition in the area.

In the meantime, fierce confrontations renewed between the same sides in the Liwa 82 area and surrounding areas, amid mutual artillery bombardments and air raids by Russian aircraft on the same area.

In addition, FSA factions targeted regime militias with artillery and missiles in Izra’, Qarfa, Sheliya, and the security square area in Dar’a city, achieving direct strikes.

Central and Northern Regions


In Aleppo City, FSA destroyed a fortification used by regime snipers in Bustan Al Basha neighborhood; while in Aleppo countryside FSA forces pounded regime strongholds in Khan Toman with mortar missiles.

In the meantime, FSA fighters seized large amounts of ammunition from a fuel tanker vehicle heading towards ISIL-controlled areas in the northern countryside, and arrested the group responsible for smuggling the weapons.


FSA factions targeted regime sites and fortifications with mortar missiles and heavy machine guns on Kuz mountain, 46 peak, Ma’af mountain and Qatal Ma’af achieving direct hits.

From: Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office -

Photo: FSA forces in Damascus province