Russian General: Bombing Syria is a “pleasure”

Mar 29, 2021

The commander of the Russian military submarine Velikiy Novgorod, General Denis Sobin, has described the periods surrounding the bombing of Syria as "pleasant" moments, expressing his “pleasure” at bombing operations.

The commander made his statement during an interview broadcast on Monday (March 29) on the Russian Ministry of Defence’s ‘Zvezda’ TV channel.

Talking about the period when the Russian navy is launching long-range ‘Caliber’ missiles which have destroyed Syrian villages and towns, as well as being used against refugee camps, General Sobin said, “The crew does not feel any vibration when launching missile torpedoes inside the submarine itself,” adding, “There are no physical feelings, there is only pleasure at completing the task assigned to it.”

He added: “The missile launching process takes extra-important minutes of preparation. This is to announce a state of readiness. Next, in addition to directing the submarine to the path and depth required to give the missiles the trajectory, it is necessary to raise it above the water, so it will be accurate in targeting.”

The submarine commander added: “The Caliber is a weapon. The warhead is a missile. The warhead is fired, first, then a part of the torpedo is removed, and the missile in the air divides into parts.”

The submarine Velikiy Novogrod, has participated in Russia’s operations, using Caliber missiles on various areas in Syria, mainly in the north of the country.

On the 21st of this month, one person was killed and several others were wounded when Russian warplanes launched seven airstrikes targeting civilian areas on the Syrian-Turkish border in Idlib governorate.

The bombing at the start of this month, which targeted street markets in the villages of Tarhine and Al-Hamran, resulted in killing 4 civilians, one of whom was a volunteer for the Syrian Civil Defense organization (White Helmets), in addition to wounding 42 others, and inflicting severe material damage on the property of civilians and vehicles used for transporting aid.

A Russian agency previously showed many weapons that have been ‘tested’ in areas outside the control of the Syrian authorities against dissidents in liberated areas of Syria, mostly against civilians, often targeting hospitals and schools.

The Russian agency boasted of what it called "Russia’s military achievements" in the region, and quoted the Russian Defense Minister, Sergey Shoigu, as saying that more than 350 types of military equipment and weapons have been ‘tested’ in the battles on Syrian territory.

Photo: Terrified, traumatized child survivors of Russian and Assad regime missile strikes in Aleppo which killed 150 people in two days, 2016

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