Most Palestinian-Syrians killed in Syria since 2011 died in Yarmouk camp: report

Feb 20, 2022

The Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp, south of the capital, Damascus, suffered the highest number of Palestinian-Syrian fatalities since the outbreak of the Syrian uprising for freedom in Syria 2011.

The news comes in the latest report from the Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria (AGPS).

In an interview with SY24, a spokesperson from the AGPS’ media office said that over a third of the 4,116 Palestinian refugees, 493 of them women, documented killed in various locations across Syria since 2011, died in Yarmouk camp.

Two brothers among 1,770 Palestinian refugees 'disappeared' in Assad's prisons: AGPS

Oct 29, 2020

Palestinian brothers Waseem and Anas Mahmoud Muhahi have been secretly held in Syrian regime dungeons since October 2012. Both were kidnapped from Yarmouk Camp for Palestinian refugees south of Damascus.

The Action Group for Palestinians of Syria (AGPS) reports that the whereabouts and conditions of both brothers are shrouded in mystery, adding that dozens of members of the extended family had been subjected to imprisonment and fatal torture in the Assad regime’s prisons.