Following meeting with Russian military chief, SDF head calls on Assad regime to stand with the SDF

Speaking in an interview with the Russia Today channel, Mazloum Abdi, the commander of the US-backed ‘Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) militia said on Sunday that the Assad regime forces’ main concern is protecting the Syrian borders, calling on the regime to take a decision to stand with the SDF in the face of a possible Turkish attack.

The statement and interview followed a meeting between Abdi and the commander of the Russian forces in Syria, Alexander Chayko during a visit by Chayko to the northeastern province of al-Hasakah, on Sunday.

Turkish intelligence arrests 11 for involvement in Iran’s kidnap of Ahwazi dissident

Dec 14, 2020

The Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) has reportedly detained 11 people suspected of collusion with Iran’s regime following investigations into the abduction of an Ahawzi dissident, Habib Chaab, by criminals working on behalf of Iran’s regime.

US Unhappy at Prospect of Real Action Against Assad by Saudi-Turkish Alliance

May 07, 2015

Casting aside U.S. concerns about aiding extremist groups, Turkey and Saudi Arabia have converged on an aggressive new strategy to bring down Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The two countries — one a democracy, the other a conservative kingdom — have for years been at odds over how to deal with Assad, their common enemy. But mutual frustration with what they consider American indecision has brought the two together in a strategic alliance that is driving recent rebel gains in northern Syria, and has helped strengthen a new coalition of anti-Assad insurgents, Turkish officials say.