Syrian opposition military chief blames Iran regime for people's suffering

May 29, 2015

A military chief of the Revolutionary Command Council of Syria has blamed the plight of people on the intervention of the Iranian regime's paramilitary forces in the war-torn country.

Brigadier General Mithghal al-Batish said Iran's aim was to 'annihilate or displace' the Syrian people, but that the regime would fail and 'victory is near'.

He said in an interview with Iranian opposition TV channel Simay-e-Azadi TV: "My Iranian brothers, I am talking to you from wounded Syria, from among its victims including children, women and the elderly, and from the massive destruction of towns and villages that have been burned down.

"We have been suffering like this for almost five years, due to the dictatorial regime that has been supported by the clerical regime ruling Iran and its forces in the region.

"But now we witness the regime's military daily failures in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

"Syria has no place for both the material and spiritual elements of the Iranian regime. Hatred of the Syrian people against the regime has increased and their hatred of the Iranian regime and Hezbollah are ever increasing."

Many were captured and killed at a hospital in Jisr al-Shughur, which was among many recent successes in north and south of the country, he said.

He added: "The Iranian regime gathered its special forces led by Qassem Soleimani, in addition to its militias in Syria, and entered them in the war against our people in different parts of Syria, including Kassir, Homs, north of Syria. But they all failed. The revolutionaries were able to smash them with determination.

"The spiteful regime of Iran has had no benefit other than a waste of wealth in the region by destructive wars. Its goal is the annihilation and displacement of the peoples of the region.

"It aims to increase hatred and ugly sectarianism among the people.

"The people in Arab countries resisted and endured with much patience against the oppression and despicable policies of the Iranian regime's dream to create an empire and unfounded dreams.

"All projects of the Iranian regime have failed, from its nuclear ambitions to trying to capture Yemen.

"The Arab conscience is awakened and we are ready in Syria to remove these vicious gangs, and you will hear news of it in the coming days. Victory is near."

Originally published on May 26th by NCRI: